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It is time to prepare your trees for winter and give them some TLC.

Seasonal pruning is one of the most valuable things you can do for the health and longevity of your trees. Expert pruning can preserve your tree's structural integrity, health and beauty while reducing the risk of damage from weather.

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Trees are living beings and often require health care services for optimal wellness and vitality. Health Care for trees aims to improve their overall health and vitality and protect them from potential problems such as diseases, insect infestations, soil nutrient deficiencies, or environmental stressors such as drought. COVA Tree provides this care by utilizing a variety of treatments and supplements delivered in multiple ways including spraying, injecting and soil probing.

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COVA Tree’s arborists are tree care experts who possess specialized knowledge and skills in the care and maintenance of Colorado trees. Our expertise can help you make informed decisions about tree care, tree selection, planting, pruning, disease, and pest control. By including an arborist in your assessment of what is needed you too can share in the knowledge we have learned.

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Proper pruning is essential for developing strong tree structures and beautiful forms. COVA Tree offers technical experts who are able to precisely remove limbs and trees in the most challenging situations.  Whether we need to avoid fences, roofs, or gardens we will protect your property as if it is our own.  These services are offered one-time or recurring.

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