Tree Pruning & Removal

We trim trees of all sizes.  We offer technical experts who are able to precisely remove limbs and drop trees in the most challenging  situations.  Whether we need to avoid fences, roofs or powerlines we will protect your property as if it is our own.

Proper care is essential for developing strong structures and beautiful forms.

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Caring for your Trees

Colorado’s Front Range is naturally a semi-arid, shortgrass prairie that would have few trees without irrigation. Properly placed and maintained trees are an asset to the environment and to our community.

Learn more about caring for your trees as recommended by the Castle Pines North Metro District here

COVA Tree is fully licensed and insured.

Tree Selection

Selecting the proper tree for your garden is essential to it's long-term health and beauty.  A poorly sited tree will eventually require more frequent and costly maintenance.  Factors such as soil conditions, exposure and drainage should all be considered before planting.   

If your tree is not properly matched to your landscape site, the tree can become more of a liability than an asset. 

Fall Cleanup

Fall cleanup is important for maintaining plant health and provides the look of a cared for landscape throughout the winter.  This seasonal task also provides preparatory care for next year's Spring. 

Fall Cleanup includes:

-Raking, removing debris, including leaves and pine needles. 


-Trimming broken and dead tree limbs

-Pruning bushes and hazard tree limbs

-Rejuvenating mulch

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