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We love seeing your trees look good.

Whether you need a one-time tree removal or seasonal maintenance contact us for a free estimate.

COVA Tree is locally Owned and Operated by certified arborists. We are licensed and insured. We serve Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Parker, Highlands Ranch and surrounding communities.

Why Choose Us

At COVA Tree we are aware of the importance of trees as natural sources of energy and healing. We maintain awareness that trees are living beings with many processes that help humanity including producing oxygen, filtering air and water, and providing resources such as wood, sap, and fruit. Trees also provide a habitat for many species of animals, which are important for maintaining biodiversity and the health of ecosystems.


Trees give off energy fields known for healing and an ability to balance our own human energy systems. Trees are providers of life and are a symbol of the interconnectedness of all things in the natural world. COVA Tree understands trees have high coherence and entanglement with other living beings

We understand there may be an emotional response when you need to remove a tree that is still thriving or not yet dead. COVA Tree acknowledges and respects the ending of a life form through the healing practice of Ho’oponopono.

Trees are among the oldest living organisms in the world with some species dating back to more than 300 million years ago. 

COVA Tree keeps this in mind as we go about our daily work.


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Let's Work Together

Schedule your free estimate.

Review and approve your custom tree service

Enjoy the friendly, hardworking team of tree workers and arborists who will provide your service.

What Our Clients Say

I’d highly recommend COVA for your tree needs. My wife and I recently bought a house that had some over grown trees and a few dead aspens. They did a great job taking down what I’d see as not so easy aspens in my backyard right next to the house and pruned up the fruit trees in the back to try and save what they can. I’ll definitely be having them out in the summer to prune a maple and consistent maintenance yearly. These are the aspens they took down and the trimmed up fruit trees.

- Ross Bellamy

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