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COVA Tree safety work gear

About Us

Safety Comes First

Ensuring the safety of our team and your property is our #1 priority.

Each job is carefully planned to make sure your job is executed without incident.


Whether we are talking about trees or people on our team COVA Tree strives to always appreciate, create and inspire the best in our people and our work. Appreciate, Create, and Inspire.

Mike Dwyer, Owner COVA Tree

About Mike Dwyer

Mike Dwyer and his wife Joni grew up enveloped in the lush green landscape of rural Virginia. The Colorado Virginia Tree company was born from our love of the outdoors and the trees we appreciate from the landscapes of both states.

Mike Dwyer grew up on a small Virginia farm hanging out by the pond and building tree houses with his brothers in the large stable limbs of the surrounding Oak trees. The family home had a long beautiful driveway leading to the road. One season, guided by their dad, Mike and his three brothers helped plant two long rows of trees, 40 along one side of the driveway, 40 on the other.  These trees were deeply loved and cared for by the whole family.

Before the 80 trees could be planted along the driveway they first needed to be grown from the bare root stock. For three years prior to permanent planting, the Dwyer boys raised the trees caring for them daily. When it was time to install the trees in their permanent homes the family felt excitement and gratitude.

One summer 10 or so years later something happened. Unaware, the Thundercloud Plums were attacked by Japanese Beetles and almost all of them died. This loss was devastating for everyone and no one even knew something like that could happen. Deciding to never again be taken by surprise Mike began his journey of learning about trees and their needs and how to properly care for them.


Today both Mike and his son Collin are ISA Certified Arborists. They are passionate about caring for and protecting trees from all types of insects, diseases, weather, and environmental conditions. They are also are passionate about helping others learn so that we can all become stewards of these incredible beings that provide humanity with so much. 

Our Team

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