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If you need a one-time tree removal or seasonal maintenance give us a call for a free estimate. 

Arborist Inspection and Consultation by COVA Tree

Arborist Inspection & Consultation

COVA Tree’s arborists are tree care experts who possess specialized knowledge and skills in the care and maintenance of Colorado trees. Our expertise can help you make informed decisions about tree care, tree selection, planting, pruning, disease, and pest control. By including an arborist in your assessment of what is needed you too can share in the knowledge we have learned.


Colorado’s front range is naturally semi-arid prairie and would have few trees without irrigation. Because of this, growing healthy trees can be challenging and the long-term health of your tree often depends on timely diagnosis and treatment of the problem.  An annual Arborist inspection can identify trees on the property that may need support and diagnose existing or potential issues with pests and diseases and prevent other possible hazards that may go unnoticed. 

Tree and Plant Health Care

Trees are living beings and often require health care services for optimal wellness and vitality.  Providing health care for your trees improves their overall health and vitality and protects them from potential problems such as diseases, insect infestations, soil nutrient deficiencies, or environmental stressors such as drought.  COVA Tree provides this care by utilizing a variety of treatments and supplements delivered in multiple ways including spraying, injecting and soil probing.  

Deep Root Fertilization

Tree roots interact with the soil it's planted in through a complex network of biological, physical, and chemical processes. Tree roots absorb water and nutrients from the soil around it and transport them to the rest of the tree for growth and development.  When the soil lacks essential nutrients deep-root fertilization is needed. This treatment involves injecting fertilizer directly into the tree's root zone, allowing the tree to absorb the nutrients it needs to support healthy growth, root development, and overall tree health.

Most often in Colorado spring and fall deep root fertilization is recommended for maintaining the health and vitality of trees.  See Winter Watering for how it also supports deep-root health.


Winter Watering

In Colorado, trees can experience stress during the winter and times of drought due to low humidity levels. The lack of moisture in the soil during these times can cause dehydration, potentially leading to severe stress or tree death. To prevent this, it is important to water trees regularly during these dry periods. COVA Tree can support your trees by injecting a water mixture that contains plant growth promoting bacteria and beneficial microorganisms. This can result in healthier root development, improved stress tolerance, and enhanced nutrient absorption, leading to stronger and more vibrant trees.

Insect Protection

Because trees are living beings they can contract diseases from pests and insects that can weaken or even kill them. By taking steps to protect your trees we can promote health and well-being. Colorado is home to a variety of insects that can damage or kill your trees. Insects such as bark beetles, aphids, and spider mites can cause extensive damage to trees and weaken their defenses against other pests and diseases.


Injectable Micro Nutrients

Certain conditions such as chlorosis cause a tree to need additional nutritional support such as iron and other micronutrients. This need can occur because the type of tree growing requires more nourishment than the soil around it can provide. Directly inserting the needed nutrition into the tree’s vascular system is an efficient way to quickly transport nutrition to where the tree needs it most.


Growth Regulation

Growth regulators can be used for a variety of reasons including to control the size of a tree and prevent it from growing too large for its intended space. This treatment is often used in urban areas where space is limited, or to prevent trees from growing into power lines or other structures. Growth regulators are also used to improve branch structure by redirecting growth to specific branches, which can help to improve the overall structure and appearance of the tree.


Cabling and structural support

Cabling and structural support may be necessary for your tree if you are facing one of these common situations: 


Split Crotches: If a tree has a "V-shaped" crotch where two branches meet, it may be at risk of splitting apart. This can be caused by wind or snow load, and can result in significant damage to the tree and surrounding property.


Cracks in the Trunk or Branches: Cracks in the trunk or branches of a tree can weaken the tree's structure and make it more susceptible to breaking.


Heavy or Overextended Limbs: Limbs that are heavy or overextended can put a significant amount of stress on a tree's structure, and may need to be supported with cables to prevent them from breaking.

Multiple Trunks: Trees with multiple trunks, or co-dominant stems, may need cabling or bracing to help support the weight of the tree and prevent it from splitting apart.

COVA Tree tree pruning

Tree Pruning

Proper pruning is essential for developing strong tree structures and beautiful forms. COVA Tree offers technical experts who are able to precisely remove limbs and trees in the most challenging situations.  Whether we need to avoid fences, roofs, or gardens we will protect your property as if it is our own.  These services are offered one-time or recurring.


At COVA tree when we must remove a living tree, we acknowledge and respect the ending of a form of life through the Hawaiian healing practice of Ho’oponopono.

Tree Removal

Our tree removal service provides safe and efficient removal of trees. We offer technical experts who are able to precisely remove trees in the most challenging situations.  Whether we need to avoid fences, roofs or gardens we will protect your property as if it is our own.

tree removal by COVA Tree
COVA Tree new tree planting service

New Tree Planting 

When planting a tree you are establishing a connection between a living being and the earth.  Interrelated factors such as hardiness zone, soil type, and moisture levels need to be considered because they have a significant impact on tree establishment and overall vitality.


There are several critical steps necessary to follow to ensure the successful installation and longevity of your new tree. When working with us we will: 

  • help you select a tree species that is well-suited for Colorado's climate and soil conditions.

  • help you choose the right location to ensure adequate sunlight, space for root growth and protection from wind and other environmental stressors.

  • properly plant your tree.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted tree stumps and surface roots from your property.  COVA Tree uses professional equipment to grind stumps down to below ground level leaving our yard free of tripping hazards and unsightly stumps. 

How to prepare for a tree stump removal appointment:

  • Clear debris and hazards such as rocks away from the area of the stump.

  • Before your appointment please call 811 now to schedule a free marking of underground lines. 

  • Move sprinkler linds at least one foot away from the stump prior to the stump removal appointment to ensure there is no damage done to nearby sprinklers.

COVA does not dig out sprinkler lines at the time of the appointment. COVA Tree is not liable for damaged sprinklers or underground lines.

Stump Grinding by COVA Tree

Working with us is Easy

Approve your estimate that was sent you by email.

Our scheduling department will email you the date and time our crew will arrive for your project.

On the day of service, you will receive a notification from us when we are on our way that includes crew member images and bios.

Pay your crew by check or credit card.

What Our Clients Say

COVA Tree was very reasonably priced compared to others!

On Next Door in reply to: Can anyone recommend arborist who specializes in tree diseases, weakened trees and ways to cure them?

- Carolyn Hutchison from The Village Castle Pines

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